On Growing Up



Rather, I should just entitle this blog post “what it feels like to be closer to 30 than 20”.

I get tired early. and fast. It seems like the night doesn’t even get started until 11 and by this time I’m ready to be in bed, preferably catching up on some terrible guilty pleasure on MTV. I’ve gotten to the point where I have justified that I want to go to bed early in order to enjoy the next day and wake up at decent time that doesn’t verge too much into the next days activities. At 20, getting 4 hours of sleep seemed pretty valid, so did waking up at 2pm and starting my day.

I have always valued my friends but now I REALLY value them. Having fun was a huge component of my friendships but as I have gotten older the conversations start less with “what’s going on tonight?” and more with “hey, how’s life?” I have become more emotionally invested in their lives and think of them more as family than just a friend.  I have even reverted back to writing letters by hand as a form of communication with a friend as a way to really converse with them.

I admire any adult over the age of  40. By the time one has reached this age you’ve probably worked a significant amount and experienced your fair share of bullshit. You survived! I’ll take advice from any of you.

I spend more money on hotels than I ever did before. Crashing on couches no longer seems fun (not that it did in the first place). I figured out where my priorities lie.

In my first apartment my roommate would ask people who came over to color a page from a Hello Kitty coloring book. We would then tape the pages on our walls as decoration. I was 18. Currently, Chad is the middle of building our kitchen table with a friend.

I have 3 calendars. One on my computer, one written appointment book, and one Google calendar that Chad and I live by.

I carry backpacks. My back and shoulders do not need to endure pain for fashion. Nope.

I don’t look back on these things and think, “damn. this sucks.” –I’m ready for it all. They don’t feel like growing pains, those happened in my early 20’s. It’s interesting to see when this shift in thinking happens. And maybe it doesn’t happen to everyone.