On The Out-Of-Home Home Office

I blog. I freelance. I also live with my partner who works from home. I have a home office.

But working from home is a difficult task for me. It always has been, even in school. For a while I really valued the library as a productive working space. It’s free, the volume level doesn’t get too loud, it’s properly air conditioned or heated, and generally has reliable wi-fi. But we all know that the library doesn’t hold as much cute factor as working from a cafe. 

Ah yes, the work from home office often takes place at local cafes, coffee shops, and of course, starbucks. As I write this, I’m sitting at cute little cafe that serves up freshly baked goods and overly priced, mediocre coffee. There is a trade off though, I get to sit in a space outside of my home and use their wi-fi. 

But as I’m writing this there is a woman sitting next to me going over wedding plans with her friends via FaceTime on her Ipad. She is talking loudly and I keep sending her death stares. It seems as though she has totally forgotten the out-of-home-home office rules. 

1. TIP your barista. ALWAYS and FOREVER.

2. Don’t take phone calls inside the cafe. It’s hella rude and I don’t want to hear your conversation. Also, put your phone on vibrate. 

3. Headphones, always. 

4. Don’t overstay your welcome. 

5. Do charge your computer beforehand. Outlets are not always plentiful.

6. Space is often times lacking. Be aware of how much space you’re taking up. But that’s just a general rule of life. 




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