On Adopting a Dog

I totally disappeared didn’t I? My best friend came to town and visited for a week and in this period of time I gave myself permission to have complete and total BFF time. But in this week long visit I started getting really serious about adopting a dog.

You see, it has been my dream to have a pug for years. My mom had one when I was a teenager and it was the highlight of every visit to her place. Pugs are naturally a little lazy, a little needy, and hungry. Basically, I am a pug. So when Chad entered my life, I shared the obsession with him and after so many years we’ve decided that we’re finally ready to take the jump and adopt a pug.

We chose adoption/rescue because it seems like the right thing to do. We don’t want to be a part of the puppy mill industry, and would love to take in a pug that has some emotional baggage (don’t we all have some?) Except adopting is hard.

Last week Chad and I were declined a pug. It was totally heartbreaking and worse than being denied a job (which I’m also going through). It felt like a personal attack, as if to say that we’re not fit to be parents to a pug. It’s so difficult because I waited all these years until I was in the right place to adopt and now that we’re ready, nobody wants to let us adopt.

So, lessons learned and we keep applying until that special pug finds it’s way into our home. But until then, a constant stream of pug videos will do for now.


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