Happy Friday Everyone!

summer shoes. summer sun.

summer shoes. summer sun.

Summer is quickly coming to an end and I am trying to get my fill of summer foods in. This includes tomatoes, corn, and summer squash. Almost everyday I eat a variation of this combo of veggies in some form. I plan to spend the weekend going to town on some recipes that I’ve been meaning to test out. I’m also going to be doing some work for SlutWalk Chicago, a movement that works to put an end to victim blaming, slut shaming, and street harassment.

Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Here are some of my favorite links from the interwebs this week:

Speaking of summer foods, Roasted Plum Ice Cream from A Cozy Kitchen

Are you in Chicago and looking to adopt a pet? Think of adopting from Chicago Animal Care & Control. Their pictures are the best.

Reasons why you should listen to Thao Nguyen, she’s super awesome

Awkward Black Girl will be doing a series with HBO. I cannot wait.

Have you checked out The Militant Baker? She’s one of my favorite body image bloggers.

Puppy Rooms at Colleges & Universities! Where was this when I was in undergrad?!



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