On Falling Back In Love (With A City)

Yesterday, I fell back in love.  You see, I was always in love, for years, even after we broke up. I was just denying it.

I was in a relationship with Chicago. I often took it for advantage and it yelled back at me, “pay attention to me! i’m great!” I was a bad partner.

I’ve left the city for someone else, in search of something better. I’ve had flings with other cities, even had a relationship with another city (a long term one). But that city broke up with me, threw all of my clothes on the lawn and told me to move out.

And then I came crawling back to Chicago. I moved back slowly, only going on dates with the city, not quite ready to commit again.

But last night, its beauty shined through everything. I forgot what a reliable partner they are, always giving, surprising me when I need it, charming me with their grace.

I might as well change my relationship status on facebook, adding Chicago as my partner for 22 years (we won’t count those years I left).

But why? Why now?

While sitting in a public park watching Chad play basketball with random strangers I felt happier than I had in a long time. I took in the weather, the scenery, the feeling of the ground beneath me, and the kindness of strangers. After this I went and had a drink with a friend, sitting outside, feeling content with everything and Chicago put its arm around me and whispered to me and said, “will you be mine?”

I said yes.

I’ll take Chicago for all of it’s flaws. Because for every single flaw there are folks working to make change. Change that is good.



3 thoughts on “On Falling Back In Love (With A City)

  1. I love this analogy. I recently moved from SF back to my hometown (I wasn’t quite ready to leave) and it feels like a really bad break up! I think about it all the time, look at old pictures, get jealous when it sees other people… haha Glad you’re enjoying Chicago! 🙂

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