it’s FRIDAY.

I hope that when you read my all my caps yelling, you imagine Oprah yelling. I am also sitting in a very cold cafe as I write this and I’m imagining Oprah yelling, “IT’S FREEEEEZING IN HERE”.

So, like every other blogger out there I’m turning Friday into a great link round-up. It will be filled with things to entertain you while you avoid actual work on a Friday.

+The New Girl and Feminism. I’ll take it!

+Jimmy Kimmel and some dum-dums at Coachella. This interview is totes the best.

+Science vs. Dove: The “Science” behind the Dove ad that has gone viral.

+Beer Battered Fried Olives. Self-Explanatory.

+Oakland and Gentrification. It’s complicated.

+Food Critic Pug. COME ON!


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