On finding friendship in unexpected places

I have AMAZING friends. I really do and everyday I am so thankful for those friendships.

Today, I would like to give a shout out to those friends that I have found in the course of my part-time work at childcare centers, retail stores, and restaurants. They are real, genuine friendships with people who, without these jobs, I most likely would have never met.

THANK YOU PART-TIME JOBS. These folks have seen me at my most stressed out, fragile state. They have found me frozen with my eyes bugging out of my head begging to “please, take this child out of my hands.” and  crying “I forgot to put table 13’s food in!” (btw, thanks Laura) and yet after all of this, they still wanted to be my friend. While we may not share the same political views or even the same interests, true friendships have arose from these jobs, in the most unsuspecting places.

These people, the ones who serve you your food and console your child while you’re in your spinning class, are wonderful people. They are artists, musicians, community organizers, life coaches, scholars, change makers, politicians, and counselors.

I’m thankful for the experiences that I have had while working these part time jobs and mostly thankful for the friendships that have grown out of these jobs.

Special shout-outs to: Chadwick Flores, Jeffrey Nolish, Justin Flores, Sierra Wendt, Mike Morales, and Laura Olson. I just outed you on the internet for being a good friend.





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