On Bob’s Burgers

Like I’ve said before, I watch a lot of TV. I’m not ashamed of it, mostly because there is no way I can watch TV without critically engaging with it. I question dialogue, the characters, who gets to do what, etc, etc.

Lately, I’ve been watching the show Bob’s Burgers at night, before I go to bed. The show is kind of mindless and I enjoy that I can watch it without really thinking about what’s going on plot-wise.

But then I realized: I LOVE BOB’S BURGERS.                                                                                             Bob-s-Burgers-bobs-burgers-18293111-1280-1024

The show takes place in a diner, ran by a family whose members are a little quirky (read: LOUD), and are constantly struggling to make ends meet.

Basically, it’s everything I want to see in a TV show, it’s realistic.

All three of the children are weird, totally weird. The eldest, Tina, is not glamorous, she encapsulates being 13 so well and displays insecurities we have all had at some point, regardless of gender. Louise breaks down all gender norms and is really dark. Gene’s best friends are his sisters and is rarely masculinized.

Bob and Linda are always struggling. They are down to earth working class folks who dedicate their life to the restaurant and they have financial burdens such as paying rent, owning a crappy car, and paying for their kid’s birthday parties. A whole episode is about how Bob decides to get a second job to pay for Tina’s birthday party.

These are issues that we encounter everyday, and in this case, they aren’t glamorous, it feels very messy and real.

I will say that Bob’s Burgers isn’t the best show out there, it still has moments of trans-phobia, and has a total lack of People of Color. I like the show for its realistic depiction of the sate of working class family dynamics.

So, kudos to you Bob.


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