on being a women and gender studies major

according to my eager colleagues in my program at SFSU, graduation is in just a mere 7 weeks (!!!!)

this terrifies and excites me all at the same time.

i’m terrified because i have no idea what i’m going to do post-grad, and also because college has been my life for the past eight years.

i’m excited because higher education has ruled my life for eight years, and i’m ready for a break.

i have been in and out of higher education for eight years, attending four different colleges, and creating relationships with folks that i truly believe will change our world.

the one consistent factor about a majority of my education has been my major: women and gender studies. the major that will fuck up your world lens, make you question everything, and force you to become an even bigger asshole than you might already be. the major has been my constant  throughout every bump in road in my life.

here are the reasons why i love and loath the major:

-it’s interdisciplinary. or multidisciplinary. or whatever. its everything. philosophy. ethnic studies. social justice studies. political science. feminist studies. economics. fucking science. and i get to learn all about it through a feminist lens. so thank whoever for that.

-it’s challenging. in every way. in academia. in life outside of the classroom. in your relationship with your long time boyfriend. in the food you eat.

-you meet the most amazing people, from all walks of life, with the most brilliant outlooks on shit, with the strongest voices that carry for miles and miles. for reals, you all need to be one the lookout for these amazing folks. (there will a nice long bog about these folks)

-there is so much talk about privilege in our discourse that people often get carried away and don’t recognize their own.

-i have no sense of humor, whatsoever. i’m pretty sure i did before majoring in WGS but i’m okay without it now.

I’m really grateful for my time as a WGS major and all of the people that I have met. (and even the cynicism.)


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