on Girls.

When Girls first came out, Chad and I joined the masses and tuned in for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd episode.

And then, we quit.

After the first episode I turned to Chad and said, “I hate it”.

At first, I was turned off by the privilege that the characters have, the lack of actors of color, the awkward sex scenes among other things.

After listening to several interviews of Leah Dunham and hearing her reasonings about the way she writes the show and one amazing interview of the costume designer for the show,  we decided to give it a shot again.

I like it. kind of.

I wouldn’t want Leah Dunham to just write in characters of color for the sake of diversity because it would seem fake. Obviously, her lack of interactions with people of color is her genuine experience. That’s fine. It is hard to watch a show that takes place in a HUGE METROPOLITAN area and not show any people of color. Like, not even in the stereotypical sense, a cab driver? doorman? maid? busser?

Sex is awkward, especially if its bad sex. Hannah has a lot of it. Hence, the awkward sex scenes. I wish to see more of the self love champion here.

I like how Marnie, after losing her job, understands that sometimes you just gotta hustle and make ends meet. Hannah, who thinks she’s going to be all feminist here (she’s not), thinks that she can put Marnie down for this and stand up for her right to not “sell her body”. People do it all the time. Let’s look at the bigger picture here Hannah, –why do women sell their bodies?

I do like that Hannah’s weight and body image is not the focus of her insecurities. It’s brought up a couple times but in a second-hand sense. Rather, the show focuses on the fragility of relationships among friends and lovers and co-workers. And how being 25 is mildly isolating.

My version of Girls would like this:

-waking up early to get a ride to the train so i don’t have to walk the mile by myself.

-riding the train and getting squished by people who think i’m invisible.

-inner monologue about how my size reflects how people see me.

-furiously texting my best friend to tell her about train experience.

-texting chad about said train ride.

-drinking copious amounts of coffee at school.

-sitting in 3 hour lectures. lots of eye-rolling.

-talking shit about people in my classes with other fellow colleagues (that i like).

-social media-ing it up in between classes for my job/internship. cursing internet connection.

-stuffing food in my face, claiming that “today is an eat day!”

-attend 2 more classes. more eye-rolling occurs.

-complain about the commute home.

-drink two glasses of wine while making dinner.

-eat dinner standing up at the stove while watching something terrible on hulu.

-squeal with delight when chad comes home with dessert in hand.

-drink more wine.

-say im studying but am actually perusing facebook and furiously texting best friend about facebook newsfeed.

-curse all those who are engaged/married/expecting/got a dog.

-watch pug videos.

-make chad re-watch pug videos with me.

-pass out by 11 pm.

my life isn’t as glamorous as Hannah’s, sure, but i appreciate seeing a show about someone, who is my age, who doesn’t have it together.

at all.





One thought on “on Girls.

  1. Hannah sucks but I think it’s important that she is conveying a relatively harsh image of the suckery of a lot of privileged, aimless, unmotivated white girls trying to figure themselves out. I don’t relate to it one bit, but for some reason, seeing their struggles is comforting.

    Love a day in the life of Vera Girls!

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