on using the library

i love the library. 

it is literally a hub of free information. where else can you go to read the newest hottest book on the NYT book review list FOR FREE? also, its heated and cooled very well, top of the line ventilation systems. 

my local library in Oakland is super small, employing maybe five librarians. these people run children’s story groups, knitting groups, free tax help, and coordinate some of the most amazing themed round up of books for their center display table. this month its all about vampires. i love it. 

and then yesterday as I was prepping my application for graduation I realized that I had to take an online test to make sure i knew my library skills. it was a horrible test and terribly outdated. but it made me pause and think, “how many students graduate this school without using the library?” it was a terrifying thought because i use the library so often in many aspects of my life. it also made me realize that at some point society will fully rely on digital media for EVERYTHING and the state of libraries will be more saddening than what they are now. 

go support your local library.

this experience also made me realize that not many people know what microfilm is. 



One thought on “on using the library

  1. The issue you address has already started to see a lot of response from libraries themselves. In order to remain relevant, a lot of libraries are now social centers/activity places that serve multiple functions — come get a book AND … learn to knit, learn to speak a second language, receive an hour of instruction on acupressure massage, etc. Hopefully they’ll stick around, but if they do, I fear they’ll be more of a Chuck E Cheese with a book section than anything else.

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