on starting a blog for the fifth time

so here it is. the beginning of my fifth blog.

there was the failed jam project, fashionfoodfeminism (the domain has expired), a couple tumblrs that i deleted in a wave of panic about the internet, and one blog on blogspot that i quickly abandoned six years ago.

why now? because i’m halfway through my 25th year of life and am embarking on my last semester of undergrad (heeeey, 8th year senior!) and i have a feeling this is going to be an interesting year that i want to document.

but here’s the real reason. i want to write about everything, not just my life and the complaints i have about it (you know, just like the show Girls). I read a lot of  blogs that range from pretty graphic designers to stay at home mormon moms who craft like nobody’s business to married couples who cook food together to queer radicals who write some of the most thought provoking ideas that go way beyond any classroom. I want this space to be the place where all that comes together.

so, here you will read about:

my life: this might include my job as a server at a restaurant, my interactions with my long time partner, meltdowns over school, and general woes about being 25.

my mom: my mom is funny and terrifying. these are the stories you want to read about.

food: food consumes my thoughts. i think about eating all of the time. i am also really interested in the politics of food. seriously though, where do you think that pear came from? and why does food from Chile cost so damn much in Chile?

race/class/gender: you can’t get around it. it is everywhere.

media: i consume a lot of media. i read. i watch. i listen. and most of the time i’m deconstructing it all. i need to vent about it.

pugs:  pugs are my obsession. i’m okay with it.


these are things you might see. there might not be a lot of pretty pictures of my outfit or my dinner (sometimes i can barely put pants on in the morning and get out the door and sometimes i eat ramen from a package for dinner), but it will be interesting. i hope.



One thought on “on starting a blog for the fifth time

  1. beautiful format on the blog — also really love the way you organized/outlined the first post. looking forward to hearing a lot of what miss vera has to say! (esp Girls since that could be a good debate for us.)

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